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03 Feb 2018

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  • Tracker Software


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PDF-XChange Editor

This is not the latest version of PDF-XChange Editor available.

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7.0.324.0 | Updated: 03 Feb 2018



Downloads of v 7.0.324.0:



Software Author(s):

  • Tracker Software

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PDF-XChange Editor 7.0.324.0

This is not the latest version of PDF-XChange Editor available.

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All Checks are Passing

3 Passing Tests

Validation Testing Passed

Verification Testing Passed


Scan Testing Successful:

No detections found in any package files


To install PDF-XChange Editor, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


To upgrade PDF-XChange Editor, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


To uninstall PDF-XChange Editor, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


NOTE: This applies to both open source and commercial editions of Chocolatey.

1. Ensure you are set for organizational deployment

Please see the organizational deployment guide

  • Open Source or Commercial:
    • Proxy Repository - Create a proxy nuget repository on Nexus, Artifactory Pro, or a proxy Chocolatey repository on ProGet. Point your upstream to Packages cache on first access automatically. Make sure your choco clients are using your proxy repository as a source and NOT the default community repository. See source command for more information.
    • You can also just download the package and push it to a repository Download

3. Enter your internal repository url

(this should look similar to

4. Choose your deployment method:

choco upgrade pdfxchangeeditor -y --source="'STEP 3 URL'" [other options]

See options you can pass to upgrade.

See best practices for scripting.

Add this to a PowerShell script or use a Batch script with tools and in places where you are calling directly to Chocolatey. If you are integrating, keep in mind enhanced exit codes.

If you do use a PowerShell script, use the following to ensure bad exit codes are shown as failures:

choco upgrade pdfxchangeeditor -y --source="'STEP 3 URL'"

Write-Verbose "Exit code was $exitCode"
$validExitCodes = @(0, 1605, 1614, 1641, 3010)
if ($validExitCodes -contains $exitCode) {
  Exit 0

Exit $exitCode

- name: Ensure pdfxchangeeditor installed
    name: pdfxchangeeditor
    state: present
    version: 7.0.324.0
    source: STEP 3 URL

See docs at

chocolatey_package 'pdfxchangeeditor' do
  action    :install
  version  '7.0.324.0'
  source   'STEP 3 URL'

See docs at

    Name: pdfxchangeeditor,
    Version: 7.0.324.0,
    Source: STEP 3 URL

Requires Otter Chocolatey Extension. See docs at

cChocoPackageInstaller pdfxchangeeditor
   Name     = 'pdfxchangeeditor'
   Ensure   = 'Present'
   Version  = '7.0.324.0'
   Source   = 'STEP 3 URL'

Requires cChoco DSC Resource. See docs at

package { 'pdfxchangeeditor':
  provider => 'chocolatey',
  ensure   => '7.0.324.0',
  source   => 'STEP 3 URL',

Requires Puppet Chocolatey Provider module. See docs at

salt '*' chocolatey.install pdfxchangeeditor version="7.0.324.0" source="STEP 3 URL"

See docs at

5. If applicable - Chocolatey configuration/installation

See infrastructure management matrix for Chocolatey configuration elements and examples.

This package was approved as a trusted package on 03 Feb 2018.


Designed for anyone from home users to large corporate environments that wish to View/Edit/Modify and even OCR Image based PDF files on their Windows PC's. There is now a FREE pdf reader alternative to the Adobe Reader that truly raises the bar! The PDF-XChange Editor is smaller, faster and more feature rich than any other FREE PDF Reader/ PDF Viewer/ PDF Editor available on the market. This free pdf editor download also allows users to try the extended functionality offered by the licensed PDF-XChange Editor in evaluation mode - for free. No PDF reader or Viewer offers more features than PDF-XChange - or does so without compromising performance, quality or security.

Package Parameters

The following package parameters can be set:

  • /NoDesktopShortcuts - Do not create shortcut on desktop.
  • /NoUpdater - Do not install updater service.
  • /NoViewInBrowsers - Do not configure to open PDF files inside browsers.
  • /NoSetAsDefault - Do not set as default application for PDF files.
  • /NoProgramsMenuShortcuts - Do not create program menu group for installed application and their components.

These parameters can be passed to the installer with the use of -params.
For example: -params '"/NoDesktopShortcuts"'.

$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'; # stop on all errors
$packageName = 'PDFXchangeEditor' 
$toolsDir   = "$(Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)"
$version    = $env:ChocolateyPackageVersion
$filename   = 'EditorV7.x86.msi'
$filename64 = 'EditorV7.x64.msi'
$primaryDownloadUrl = "$filename"
$primaryDownloadUrl64 = "$filename64"
$url        = "$version/$filename"
$url64      = "$version/$filename64"
$checksum   = '2392EC36D36AD4C304757F1548868CDCD02BEE04B39DF7FE9532D034DFB86870'
$checksum64 = '975C9913F2AA6E40B2E2EE238416B3983347A88361701E7A997443FB261AF92E'
$lastModified32 = New-Object -TypeName DateTimeOffset 2018, 2, 2, 2, 55, 40, 0 # Last modified time corresponding to this package version
$lastModified64 = New-Object -TypeName DateTimeOffset 2018, 2, 2, 2, 55, 35, 0 # Last modified time corresponding to this package version

# Tracker Software have fixed download URLs, but if the binary changes we can fall back to their alternate (but slower) download site
# so the package doesn't break.
function CheckDownload($url, $primaryDownloadUrl, [DateTimeOffset] $packageVersionLastModified)
    $headers = Get-WebHeaders -url $primaryDownloadUrl
    $lastModifiedHeader = $headers.'Last-Modified'

    $lastModified = [DateTimeOffset]::Parse($lastModifiedHeader, [Globalization.CultureInfo]::InvariantCulture)

    Write-Verbose "Package LastModified: $packageVersionLastModified"
    Write-Verbose "HTTP Last Modified  : $lastModified"

    if ($lastModified -ne $packageVersionLastModified) {
        Write-Warning "The download available at $primaryDownloadUrl has changed from what this package was expecting. Falling back to FTP for version-specific URL"
    } else {
        Write-Verbose "Primary URL matches package expectation"

$url = CheckDownload $url $primaryDownloadUrl $lastModified32
$url64 = CheckDownload $url64 $primaryDownloadUrl64 $lastModified64

$packageArgs = @{
  packageName   = $packageName
  unzipLocation = $toolsDir
  fileType      = 'MSI'
  url           = $url
  url64bit      = $url64
  silentArgs = '/quiet /norestart'
  validExitCodes= @(0, 3010, 1641)

  softwareName  = 'PDF-XChange Editor'

  checksum = $checksum
  checksumType  = 'sha256' 
  checksum64 = $checksum64
  checksumType64= 'sha256' 

$arguments = @{}

$packageParameters = $env:chocolateyPackageParameters

if ($packageParameters) {
    $match_pattern = "\/(?<option>([a-zA-Z]+)):(?<value>([`"'])?([a-zA-Z0-9- _\\:\.]+)([`"'])?)|\/(?<option>([a-zA-Z]+))"
    $option_name = 'option'
    $value_name = 'value'

    if ($packageParameters -match $match_pattern ){
        $results = $packageParameters | Select-String $match_pattern -AllMatches
        $results.matches | ForEach-Object {
        Throw "Package Parameters were found but were invalid (REGEX Failure)"

    $customArguments = @{}

    if ($arguments.ContainsKey("NoDesktopShortcuts")) {
        Write-Host "You want NoDesktopShortcuts"
        $customArguments.Add("DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS", "0")

    if ($arguments.ContainsKey("NoUpdater")) {
        Write-Host "You want NoUpdater"
        $customArguments.Add("NOUPDATER", "1")

    if ($arguments.ContainsKey("NoViewInBrowsers")) {
        Write-Host "You want NoViewInBrowsers"
        $customArguments.Add("VIEW_IN_BROWSERS", "0")

    if ($arguments.ContainsKey("NoSetAsDefault")) {
        Write-Host "You want NoSetAsDefault"
        $customArguments.Add("SET_AS_DEFAULT", "0")

    if ($arguments.ContainsKey("NoProgramsMenuShortcuts")) {
        Write-Host "You want NoProgramsMenuShortcuts"
        $customArguments.Add("PROGRAMSMENU_SHORTCUTS", "0")

} else {
    Write-Debug "No Package Parameters Passed in"

if ($customArguments.Count) { 
    $packageArgs.silentArgs += " " + (($customArguments.GetEnumerator() | ForEach-Object { "$($_.Name)=$($_.Value)" } ) -join " ")

Install-ChocolateyPackage @packageArgs

Log in or click on link to see number of positives.

In cases where actual malware is found, the packages are subject to removal. Software sometimes has false positives. Moderators do not necessarily validate the safety of the underlying software, only that a package retrieves software from the official distribution point and/or validate embedded software against official distribution point (where distribution rights allow redistribution).

Chocolatey Pro provides runtime protection from possible malware.

Version Downloads Last Updated Status
PDF-XChange Editor 9.1.355.0 3515 Thursday, July 15, 2021 Approved
PDF-XChange Editor 9.0.354.0 12454 Saturday, April 24, 2021 Approved
PDF-XChange Editor 9.0.353.0 3191 Tuesday, April 20, 2021 Approved
PDF-XChange Editor 9.0.352.0 15782 Saturday, February 6, 2021 Approved
PDF-XChange Editor 9.0.351.0 4930 Saturday, January 23, 2021 Approved
PDF-XChange Editor 9.0.350.0 5079 Friday, January 15, 2021 Approved
PDF-XChange Editor 8.0.343.0 10721 Friday, November 20, 2020 Approved
PDF-XChange Editor 8.0.342.0 6310 Wednesday, November 4, 2020 Approved
PDF-XChange Editor 8.0.341.0 12865 Thursday, August 13, 2020 Approved

Requires maintenance through 2018-02-01

Newly added feature

  • Added 'Places' and 'Sections' groups to the Bookmarks View. (T# 3727) (27448)
  • Added functionality to edit the portfolio schema and string and number values of Portfolio files.
  • Added support of setting the doc.viewState property. (T# 3971)
  • Added functionality to save documents to different formats through the 'Places' feature.
  • Added 'KeyTips' feature for toolbars and menus in the Ribbon/Classic UI. Press Alt to activate/use this feature.
  • Added the option of dropping commands into empty Ribbon Tabs during UI customization.
  • Added the 'chevron' feature for standard toolbars in the Classic UI. (30096)
  • Added the option of renaming custom toolbars through their context menu.
  • Added ability to work with long named files - it is now possible to open and process files with long filenames (length > 260) from the Command Line.
  • Added functionality that enables the use of the mouse wheel to scroll though Ribbon tabs. (T# 4161)
  • Added the option of using the Esc key to close comment pop-ups.
  • Added the option of hiding bar titles in Ribbon panes, which helps in reducing their height. This option is available in the Options tab of the Customize Toolbars dialog box.
  • SharePoint: added the option of working with List Attachments and internal site folders and documents.
  • SharePoint: added functionality to change options for import/export convertors in the Open/Save File dialog box.
  • SharePoint: added auto-complete of file extensions via selected format in Open/Save File dialog box.
  • DropBox: added functionality to change options for import/export convertors in the Open/Save File dialog box.
  • DropBox: added auto-complete of file extensions via selected format in Open/Save File dialog box.

A reported error or bug was fixed

  • Reduced file size when embedding TTF fonts. (T# 4183)
  • Fixed the issue with the 'Resize Pages' feature in cases where it is set to the size of the current Page Box. (22812)
  • Fixed the issue with the 'Do not OCR pages with text' option in cases where all pages contain text. (30230)
  • Fixed the Alt key issue with the Bookmark Plugin menu string and updated the Custom Scan icon. (30283)
  • Added a 'Duplicate' command to the Arrange submenu for selected comments. (30300)
  • Fixed the 'OCR Pages' issue in which the incorrect language was being used. (T# 4218) (30402)
  • Improved XFA forms support. (T# 3084,2883,2640,2531,3630,3904,3956,3907,3460,4189)
  • Fixed the issue with printing some XForms, annotations and rotated images. (T# 3993)
  • Fixed security checking in some JS methods.
  • Fixed the issue with importing some combo box values. (T# 3593)
  • Fixed the TWAIN scan issue for Epson XP-440 printers.
  • Improved the Shell Extensions - zoom parameters are now stored when users switch between documents.
  • Fixed the Shell Extensions Setup issues.
  • Fixed the issue with self-printing documents in Internet Explorer - in cases where the Security Settings permit it.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the use of temporary files. PDF-XChange Editor is now more accurate when using temp. data.
  • Fixed the issue with long opening times of some network shares, such as \share\dir..\doc.pdf.
  • Fixed the issue that was present when Editor's window was maximized and the Taskbar was set to auto-hide. (T# 4134)
  • Fixed the issue with adding items with dropdowns to toolbars/menus. (T# 4171)
  • Fixed the main window maximization issue when the top border of windows is double-clicked. The window now maximizes vertically.
  • Fixed the issue with handling relative paths inside documents in the context of the IE-plugin.
  • Fixed difficult to reproduce crash identified in the Ribbon's File menu.
  • SharePoint: fixed the 'Online Authentication' dialog box in cases where the authenticated user belongs to a different organization and needs to be logged out.
  • SharePoint: fixed the deadlock on cancellation of the Open/Save File dialog box when folder content is being loaded from the server.
  • SharePoint: fixed the conversion of PDF documents to other formats when saving to SharePoint.
  • DropBox: fixed the conversion of PDF documents to other formats when saving to DropBox.

Changed, reviewed, modified feature

  • Added percentage as a value option in the Resize Pages dialog box. (T# 3972) (29375)
  • Changed the process of saving 'Launch' actions. (T# 3811)
  • Improved the Google Drive plugin UI and fixed multiple associated minor issues.
  • SharePoint: improved the algorithm that detects SharePoint and non-SharePoint files when opening documents from URLs.
  • SharePoint: improved the display of user information when SharePoint documents are checked out to other users: it now shows the user's name and/or e-mail.
  • SharePoint: several additional minor fixes and improvements.
  • DropBox: several additional minor fixes and improvements.

This package has no dependencies.

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