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Flashpoint Infinity - BlueMaxima's Flashpoint Infinity Distrbution

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BlueMaxima's Flashpoint is a webgame preservation project dedicated to preserving as many experiences from web
platforms, including but not limited to Adobe Flash, as possible, so that they aren't lost to time.

Flashpoint utilizes a strong selection of open-source software. By combining the power of Apache, a custom-built
launcher, and our own application called the Flashpoint Secure Player, we can play web-based media in a quick,
user-friendly environment without leaving permanent changes or security holes on your computer.

Flashpoint Infinity is a smaller distribution of the Flashpoint Launcher (FPL) that allows you to download and play
content at will.


Package Parameters

The following package parameter can be set:

  • /AddToDesktop - this puts a shortcut on your desktop to Flashpoint.

These parameters can be passed to the installer with the use of --params.
For example: --params "/AddToDesktop".

To have Chocolatey remember parameters on upgrade, be sure to set choco feature enable -n=useRememberedArgumentsForUpgrades.


  • You may be prompted by the Windows Firewall to allow the Apache HTTP Server on first execution
  • This package is automatically updated using the Chocolatey Automatic Package Update Model (AU).
    If you find it is out of date by more than a day or two, please contact the maintainer(s) and let them know the package is no longer updating correctly.

$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'

$desktopPath  = [Environment]::GetFolderPath("Desktop")
$shortcutPath = Join-Path $desktopPath 'Flashpoint Infinity.lnk'

if (Test-Path $shortcutPath) {
  Remove-Item -Path $shortcutPath -Force | Out-Null
$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'

$toolsDir = (Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)

$packageArgs = @{
  PackageName   = $env:ChocolateyPackageName
  UnzipLocation = Join-Path (Get-ToolsLocation) $env:ChocolateyPackageName
  Url           = 'https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/downloads/../Flashpoint%2010.1%20Infinity.exe'
  Checksum      = 'a5acf96bdc3a78a3de0f2022100cbdd39d51e50916b76ddd9e8e3c1412ba9a27'
  ChecksumType  = 'sha256'

Install-ChocolateyZipPackage @packageArgs

$files = Get-ChildItem $packageArgs.UnzipLocation -include *.exe -recurse

foreach ($file in $files) {
  New-Item "$file.ignore" -type file -force | Out-Null
  if ($file.Name -eq 'Flashpoint.exe') {
    $executable = $file

# generate a launcher command for the application binary.  The application is not well-behaved and
# will not run correctly if it is not launched with the working directory being the same as that
# containing the application binaries.  This secondary launcher is a way to support that while
# working around a chocolatey shimgen feature - a command line parameter --shimgen-use-targetworkingdirectory
# would be required on every launch without this work around as opposed to being able to simply
# launch via the shim flashpoint.exe

$applicationBinary = $executable.FullName
$workingDirectory  = $executable.FullName.TrimEnd($executable.Name)
$launchScript      = Join-Path $toolsDir "Flashpoint.cmd"
$launchCommand     = "@ECHO OFF$([Environment]::NewLine)cd `"$($workingDirectory)`"$([Environment]::NewLine)`"$($applicationBinary)`""

Set-Content -Path $launchScript -Value $launchCommand

Install-Binfile -Name 'Flashpoint' -Path $launchScript -UseStart

# ensure that the contents are not read-only to avoid issues on package uninstall.  When the package
# was constructed this was the case with FPSoftware\BrowserPlugins\Vitalize\Clickteam\Vitalize\v2
# and Chocolatey seems to have an issue with the uninstall of a package containing a directory
# where the ReadOnly attribute is set

Get-ChildItem $workingDirectory -Recurse -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Where-Object {
  $_.PSIsContainer -and $_.Attributes -match "ReadOnly" } | foreach-object { $_.Attributes="" }

$pp = Get-PackageParameters

if ($pp.AddToDesktop) {
  $desktopPath  = [Environment]::GetFolderPath("Desktop")
  $shortcutPath = Join-Path $desktopPath 'Flashpoint Infinity.lnk'

  $shortcutArgs = @{
    ShortcutFilePath = $shortcutPath
    TargetPath       = $applicationBinary
    WorkingDirectory = $workingDirectory

  Install-ChocolateyShortcut @shortcutArgs
$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'

Uninstall-BinFile -Name 'Flashpoint' -Path 'Flashpoint.cmd'

$packageArgs = @{
  PackageName = $env:ChocolateyPackageName
  ZipFileName = 'Flashpoint 10.1 Infinity.exe'

UnInstall-ChocolateyZipPackage @packageArgs

$installDir = Join-Path (Get-ToolsLocation) $env:ChocolateyPackageName

Remove-Item $installDir -Force  -Recurse -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Out-Null

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Flashpoint Infinity - BlueMaxima's Flashpoint Infinity Distrbution 9.0 164 Friday, March 5, 2021 Approved

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