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28 Nov 2020

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28 Nov 2020

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Software Author(s):

  • Invantive Software B.V.


Control Excel Invantive office risk management

Invantive(R) Control for Excel

(Waiting for Maintainer to take corrective action)

20.0.126 | Updated: 28 Nov 2020



Downloads of v 20.0.126:



28 Nov 2020


Software Author(s):

  • Invantive Software B.V.

Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.0.126

(Waiting for Maintainer to take corrective action)

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Invantive (maintainer) on 28 Nov 2020 16:44:42 +00:00:

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Invantive Control for Excel

$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop';

$packageName= 'invantive-control-for-excel'

$packageArgs = @{
  packageName = $packageName
  fileType = 'MSI'
  url = ''
  url64bit = ''
  softwareName = 'Invantive Control for Excel'
  checksum = '7C53494B65D4026FC2612445E21E384C981DC2BB4A51AFBC011C3ECBAF769946'
  checksumType = 'sha256'
  checksum64 = '7C53494B65D4026FC2612445E21E384C981DC2BB4A51AFBC011C3ECBAF769946'
  checksumType64 = 'sha256'
  silentArgs = "/qn /norestart /l*v `"$env:Temp\invantive-control-for-excel-20.0.126-msi-install.log`""
  validExitCodes = @(0, 3010, 1641)

Install-ChocolateyPackage @packageArgs

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Version Downloads Last Updated Status
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.401-BETA 4 Thursday, April 22, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.398-BETA 5 Tuesday, April 20, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.396-BETA 8 Wednesday, April 14, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.394-BETA 19 Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.392-BETA 11 Thursday, April 1, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.388-BETA 25 Monday, March 22, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.386-BETA 19 Thursday, March 18, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.385-BETA 14 Tuesday, March 16, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.378-BETA 16 Sunday, March 14, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Control for Excel 20.1.372-BETA 18 Tuesday, March 9, 2021 Approved

Included components:

  • Invantive.Excel.Starter 20.0.64
  • Invantive.Producer.Windows 20.0.126
    Included Components:
  • Various Microsoft-supplied components
    Included Components:
  • Various open source components

Version 20.0.117, released 2020-11-13.


  • Make Exact Online UDF internal cache configurable.

Bug fixes:

  • Do not throw itgenude011 when retrieving balance of a cost centre.

Version 20.0.115, released 2020-11-06.


  • Memorize last action.

Version 20.0.107, released 2020-10-27.

Bug fixes:

  • Refactoring document properties to prevent exceptions when retrieving non-existing properties.
  • Refactoring document properties to prevent exceptions when retrieving non-existing properties.

Version 20.0.105, released 2020-10-21.


  • Save and restore selected partitions.
  • Differentiate itgenuty510 error between install and replace

Bug fixes:

  • Fix wrong outcome on Exchange Rate UDF.
  • Refactoring document properties to prevent exceptions when retrieving non-existing properties.
  • Return #N/A when currency exchange rate on Exact Online doesn't instead of 0.
  • Refactoring document properties to prevent exceptions when retrieving non-existing properties.
  • Fix column ordering, filtering, etc on data analysis blocks.

Version 20.0.103, released 2020-10-16.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix select range form layout

Version 20.0.100, released 2020-10-13.

Bug fixes:

  • Cast Excel ranges to make sure they are actually always ranges.

Version 20.0.99, released 2020-10-12.


  • Save publishing settings.

Bug fixes:

  • Prevent itgentan002 on starting Excel when editing a cell.

Version 20.0.98, released 2020-09-28.


  • Set focus on first control.
  • Set focus on first control.

Version 20.0.49, released 2020-07-18.

Bug fixes:

  • Hide irrelevant building blocks.
  • Control: Add check workbook structure tool button to check if all required worksheets are registered

Version 20.0.27, released 2020-05-12.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix NRE when executing triggers [SUP-7329].

Version 20.0.15, released 2020-04-19.


  • Include non-primary key field value of 'field' in update on ActiveCampaign contact custom field.

Version 20.0.13, released 2020-04-17.

Bug fixes:

  • Ignore exception when determining the number format when retrieving the object metadata [SUP-5237].

Version 20.0.0, released 2020-03-26.


  • Search for unqualified table names in Excel connector by default in current workbook.
  • Add consistency check on repository slider.
  • Allow multiple concurrent languages to be loaded and translated.
  • Add search Exact Online company information by various aspects.
  • Default save file dialog to a good location.
  • Improve performance of Invantive Control tables.
  • Set nullable properties of columns in UDFMeasurements explicit.
  • Reduce number of XLAM replacements.
  • Make naming of "Invantive Control Functions" XLAM location insensitive for casing when using deviating location.
  • Allow specification of XLAM location using environment variable INVANTIVE_CONTROL_XLAM_FOLDER.
  • Add Cost Centers and Cost Units to Exact Online building blocks.
  • Reduce name resolution time for DataDictionary data analysis building blocks, saving 25 ms on log on.
  • Reduce name resolution time for Teamleader data analysis building blocks, saving 100 ms on log on.
  • Differentiate error codes on enabling XLAM add-in.
  • Add Building Blocks for AccountView.
  • Reduce amount of balance sheet data downloaded from Exact Online.
  • Improve performance of building Building Blocks menu.
  • Improve window ownership.
  • Include global state in event arguments to improve window ownership.
  • Add Exact Online Purchase elements to Building Blocks Data Analysis
  • Add various building blocks for analyzing performance issues of UDF.
  • Use .NET 4.7 auto scaling for high DPI [ITGEN-4219].
  • Add Teamleader sample PEW.
  • Invantie Control for Office 365.
  • Add Exact Online formulas for cost center and cost unit year opening balance.
  • Reduce startup time.
  • Add balance close formulas for cost center / cost units on Exact Online, such as I_EOL_CCE_BAL_PDE_CLOSE.
  • Add data analysis for Octopus accounting.
  • Add Excel functions for Octopus accounting.
  • Add Facebook Excel formulas.
  • Optimize calculation of dependent GL classification codes in Exact Online Excel formulas.
  • Optimize retrieval of main reporting scheme on Exact Online using Excel formulas.
  • Optimize retrieval of General Ledger classification description on Exact Online using Excel formulas.
  • Increase measurement resolution from 16 ms to 100 ns in [email protected]
  • Improve performance on large Exact Online accountancy environments when using I_EOL_DIV_... formulas.
  • Display meaningful error when IP_EMPTY can not be found during resizing the named ranges.
  • Improve performance of Exact Online Balance formulas on Cost center / cost unit.
  • Upgrade to 4.7.2.
  • Changes due to adding support for Linux/Unix/Mac OS on Invantive Producer products.
  • Improve handling of errors during Invantive Control metadata retrieval.
  • Better error message when trying to unprotect a sheet that is locked with another password than known by Invantive Control.
  • Improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].
  • Delay starting Invantive Composition to improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].
  • Delay starting Invantive Control to improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].
  • Delay starting Invantive Control to improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].
  • Retrieve metadata for named ranges in the Invantive Control provider.

Bug fixes:

  • Disable optimization to return null on I_EOL_TIMESHEETS_AMOUNT when Date From > Date To in case not both are specified.
  • Fix formatting of Guid fields in matrix formulas which causes the entire matrix formula to show #VALUE.
  • Allow changing location of XLAM.
  • Fix itgenemd007 error when connecting twice to the same connector in Invantive Control.
  • Correct missing translation of product name in error itgenuty477.
  • Exclude Print_Titles from names in Invantive Control Excel connector.
  • Improve calculation of full qualified name for Excel objects to include schema and catalog.
  • Improve determination of timestamp for XLAM to allow multi-user use.
  • Improve determination of timestamp for XLAM to allow multi-user use.
  • Relocate XLAM to absolute path instead of relative path.
  • Fix evaluation of Invantive Script system variables upon first use.
  • Always enable main tab, don't show license dialog when function is not licensed.
  • Improve handling of internal NullReferenceException in Office VSTO.
  • Register correct database name when not using Invantive Keychain.
  • Fix itgenfir003 on using I_EOL_GLTXN_POST Excel formula.
  • Fix Data Analysis download without Workbook.
  • Show scrollbars when necessary in model editor.
  • Avoid ArgumentNullException when SQL statement becomes empty of ${} expansion.
  • Avoid NullReferenceException due to Office bug.
  • Fix System.Runtime not found exception [ITGEN-3857].
  • Restore adding product properties to exceptions.
  • Avoid error message when an Excel name referring to #REF is defined.
  • Fix NotImplementedException and data type resolution bug in Invantive Control.
  • Exclude internal names from Invantive Control provider metadata.
  • Reduce calls on model cache when relocating links [ITGEN-3612].

Version 17.28.1, released 2018-10-22.


  • Upgrade samples.
  • Perform integrity checks on the data type of an Excel-based table when no data type could be determined from the number format.
  • Increase maximum size of result set to above 4 billion rows.
  • Display blk_current_min_z_name in Model Editor [ITGEN-3085].
  • IC: Show number of rows retrieved when downloading blocks.
  • Update translations.
  • Add integrity checks on 3D point location.
  • Add I_EOL_ACT_SLS_CREDIT_LINE and I_EOL_ACT_PUR_CREDIT_LINE to retrieve credit line.
  • Clarify error when an array formula is used exceeding 2.084 characters.
  • Avoid itgensdf054 Detect adding worksheets where not allowed [ITGEN-821].
  • Improve performance by streaming row checks.
  • Give hint about available workbooks when the catalog name does not match an opened workbook.
  • Extend data analysis blocks for Exact Online.
  • Check value of Exact Online General Ledger Account Balance Type filter to aid user.
  • Improve recognition of data types in Excel tables and names with Invantive Control provider.
  • Enable use of $C, $X, $P, $R in where clause of pick list for Excel cell [ITGEN-2842].
  • Add Teamleader building blocks.
  • Fine-grained cash flow for Purchase Orders and Sales Orders on Exact Online.
  • Add where clause to lists of values in Control [ITGEN-2753].
  • Add where clause to model for parameter pick lists in Control [ITGEN-2691].
  • Hide log on information in tool tip on connect for Control and Composition when not connected.
  • Improve performance of Exact Online Open / Close balance.
  • Add lookup cache for Exact Online GL Accounts.
  • Cache General Ledger Account Structure in UDF function for 4 hours to circumvent Exact Online performance issues.
  • Reduce impact of WPF initialization problem in border/constraint control [ITGEN-2600].
  • Improved logon dialog. Updated credentials storage.
  • Add sample Last Year Sales Analysis for Exact Online.
  • Show trigger executing in progress of Control synchronization [ITGEN-2453].
  • Clear UDF row cache which prevented outdated data to be used in Excel functions.
  • Show Invantive Control provider objects in Available Objects [ITGEN-2117].
  • Tune loading facts into Excel within Invantive Control.
  • Change cash flow to Exact Online REST.
  • Updated partitioning in Control and Composition to allow selection of the partition when having multiple data containers opened, like two Exact Online accounts.
  • Add Excel formula I_EOL_DIV_CODE for Exact Online Division Code.
  • Add sample spreadsheet for uploading budgets into Exact Online.
  • Register session I/Os for Invantive Control provider.
  • Allow specification of currency code for Exact Online item price retrieval.
  • Add formulas for Teamleader to Invantive Control for Excel
  • Added Data Loader in Control menu.
  • Raise error when the Excel used range is very large.
  • Speed up balances on Exact Online based upon classifications.
  • Return 0 when a GL Account Classification has no associated GL Accounts on budget or balance for better performance.
  • Avoid need for scrolling in partition chooser when there are more than hundreds or thousands of partitions.
  • Add UdfMeasurements view to Invantive Control provider with accurate timings on performance of UDF calls.
  • Add XAF, XAA and XAS data analysis lists.
  • Add XAF 3.2 samples for Data Analysis.
  • Add Excel function I_INTEGRATION_ACTIVE for VBA coding.
  • Add re-register VBA integration button to tools menu and log on.
  • Re-register Invantive Control Functions on every log on to ease VBA coding.
  • Allow auto-size result set of I_SQL_SELECT_TABLE UDF for use in VBA.
  • Upgrade components to reduce memory footprint, especially in 32-bit Office.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix NRE exception when not having filtering enabled on Excel tables.
  • Fix error 'itgenefn003: The field with name 'prevyears' is unknown.' when using the Exact Online financial period Excel formula.
  • IC: Fix positioning bug "itgenuty622: Point '{1,0,1}' is an illegal Excel position." [ITGEN-3139]
  • Reduce chance of read lock blocking reading files through OS provider.
  • Fix upgrade of Excel models never synchronized memorizing worksheet names with a block.
  • Fix itgenclr013: Using building block "Relaties" raises error [ITGEN-3090].
  • Fix when 'updating' a field that is and was empty. Resulting in a NRE.
  • Clarify error message when metadata of Excel table can not be determine.
  • Filter on block fields when replacing column expressions
  • Avoid argument exception on block code.
  • Filter failure itgendid048 The value %123123% is not a valid integer [ITGEN-2860].
  • Fix itgenuty263: missing definition of transaction and/or primary key column on updateable Invantive Control block.
  • Only include current balance sheet, exclude previous years in cash flow prognosis.
  • Reduce memory consumption [ITGEN-2582].
  • Fix long delay in the editor on the advanced tab.
  • Add cache to disk to compensate Exact Online XML GLAccounts getting slower.
  • itgenuty198: "Cannot get range of backup sheet ..." when an error occurs. Then Excel crash [ITGEN-2460].
  • Detect Excel errors in ranges and tables queried using the Invantive Control provider.
  • Improve performance of filters on sets of GL Account Classifications with over 100 GL Accounts.
  • Reduce memory requirements from 4 to 3 GB for Invantive Control.
  • Cache also failed SQL select scalar statements.
  • Reduce number of errors thrown by UDF by de-duplicating them.
  • Ensure that text on layout items in Data Analysis fits even when translated.
  • Fix 'the value '40638' must match the data type Nullable' for date/time fields in Excel name ranges.
  • Improve performance of very high volume of GL balance calculations on Exact Online by factor 100.
  • Relabel Invantive Data Cache in ribbon.
  • Return #N/A instead of an error window when determining the GL scheme of an unselected Exact Online division.
  • Improve errors on invalid path names.
  • Improve working of synchronization back to Exact Online and others.
  • Fix problem with attempt to end a transaction that never started.
  • Show correct version number 7 of VBA module for Generic Functions.
  • Prevent issue with building blocks which failed connecting when multiple connections are used. Also made building blocks working on that case.
  • Minor change to accommodate Slow or OutOfMemoryException on parameter pick lists [ITGEN-1940].
  • In edge cases allow text to start with '=' when pasting block values.

Details of Release Notes:

Version 20.0.105:
Differentiate itgenuty510 error between install and replace


Version 20.0.103:
Fix select range form layout


Version 20.0.49:
Control: Add check workbook structure tool button to check if all required worksheets are registered


Version 17.14.17:
Raise error when the Excel used range is very large.
Gives a lot of problems otherwise.
Reduce number of errors thrown by UDF by de-duplicating them.
Often there are hundreds of identical errors.

Version 17.14.13:
Return 0 when a GL Account Classification has no associated GL Accounts on budget or balance for better performance.
Reduce resolution times of Exact Online tables to object definition by fully qualifying [PR].
Apply server-side filter for year on approximately 25 Exact Online formulas [PR].

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