Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.0.112

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Invantive (maintainer) on 05 Nov 2020 18:52:14 +00:00:

User 'Invantive' (maintainer) submitted package.

chocolatey-ops (reviewer) on 05 Nov 2020 19:26:11 +00:00:

invantive-data-hub has failed automated validation.


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Invantive Data Hub is command-line driven software that is capable of executing Invantive Query Tool-compatible scripts across many database and cloud platforms. Ideal for high volume data loads and extractions of cloud applications such as Exact Online or Salesforce. It provides a headless mode which makes it ideal for use in server environments and scheduled uploads and downloads in lights-out operations.

$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop';

$packageName= 'invantive-data-hub'

$packageArgs = @{
  packageName = $packageName
  fileType = 'MSI'
  url = ''
  url64bit = ''
  softwareName = 'Invantive Data Hub'
  checksum = '667650F91AB7149BA1133A379C487BA1E73EC84F1752336AE814B27D8D4483E5'
  checksumType = 'sha256'
  checksum64 = '667650F91AB7149BA1133A379C487BA1E73EC84F1752336AE814B27D8D4483E5'
  checksumType64 = 'sha256'
  silentArgs = "/qn /norestart /l*v `"$env:Temp\invantive-data-hub-20.0.112-msi-install.log`""
  validExitCodes = @(0, 3010, 1641)

Install-ChocolateyPackage @packageArgs

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Version Downloads Last Updated Status
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.394-BETA 12 Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.393-BETA 4 Monday, April 5, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.392-BETA 13 Thursday, April 1, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.388-BETA 28 Monday, March 22, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.386-BETA 8 Thursday, March 18, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.385-BETA 3 Tuesday, March 16, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.378-BETA 4 Sunday, March 14, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.372-BETA 11 Tuesday, March 9, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.371-BETA 17 Sunday, February 28, 2021 Approved
Invantive(R) Data Hub 20.1.369-BETA 19 Tuesday, February 23, 2021 Approved

Included components:

  • Invantive.Producer.Windows 20.0.112

Version 20.0.108, released 2020-10-30.


  • Add option to close application on console menus.

Version 20.0.97, released 2020-10-05.

Bug fixes:

  • Raise error when file being loaded in Data Hub Windows and .ent core does not exist and running in headless mode.

Version 20.0.96, released 2020-10-03.


  • Add local host statement.

Version 20.0.28, released 2020-05-20.

Bug fixes:

  • Only print error context when present.
  • Make unwrapped error codes in Data Hub less confusing

Version 20.0.25, released 2020-05-10.


  • On invalid email address on Data Hub offer correction before log on.

Version 20.0.21, released 2020-05-03.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix NullReferenceException on 'use'.

Version 20.0.14, released 2020-04-20.


  • Indicate that encrypted value is a license key instead of the default 'password' text on decryption failure.
  • Add Mac OSX support.
  • Avoid NullReferenceException on Debian 8.
  • Data Hub: Add license key command line argument.
  • Print final error to console for console apps when the exit code is not equal to 0.
  • Upgrade to 4.7.2.
  • Replace Mac version of Data Hub by .net core version.
  • Add .NET Core version of Invantive Data Hub.
  • Add verbose command line argument.
  • Improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].

Bug fixes:

  • Fix NullReferenceException when using 'use [email protected]' on Data Hub.
  • Differentiate progress messages between SQL and PSQL.
  • Improve clarity of message itgendhb086.
  • Avoid superfluous question when last statement in batch fails in interactive mode.
  • Fix exit code being reset from non-zero to 0 when a nested SQL script is executed after an error occurred during 'on error continue' mode.
  • Log time in UTC.
  • Return exit code also from files started from @ or @@.
  • Fix NullReference when pressing CTRL-D on Mac during entry or CTRL-Z on MS-DOS.
  • Correctly load license key from command line [ITGEN-4011].
  • Avoid waiting for manual entry when the program is running non-interactive and early on a license error occurs.
  • Fix System.Runtime not found exception [ITGEN-3857].
  • Can't connect to SQL Server or PostgreSQL due to missing references [ITGEN-3767].
  • Correct reversed logic of logoverwrite command line parameter [ITGEN-3540].

Version 17.28.1, released 2018-10-22.


  • Print log on progress when running headless.
  • Improve clarity of error message itgendhb077.
  • Set provider attributes and variables through command line.
  • Memorize and use multiple credentials per data container alias.
  • Enable use of logon settings.
  • Set data container credentials.
  • Save credentials new logon dialog.
  • Add use of encrypted Invantive Script variable values [SECURITY].
  • Add new log file name parameter Windows host name, user name and domain name.
  • Update documentation.
  • Explain command line arguments.
  • Add support for date/time masks in log file name.
  • Add @@ to load script from folder from which last script was loaded.

Bug fixes:

  • Show actual error instead of NulLReferenceException when Invantive Web Services returns itgencmr008.
  • Return exit code unequal to 0 when an error occurs in 'on error continue' mode.
  • Reduce memory consumption [ITGEN-2582].

Details of Release Notes:

Version 20.0.28:
Make unwrapped error codes in Data Hub less confusing



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