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Downloads of v 6.0.4:


Last Update:

11 Aug 2018

Package Maintainer(s):

Software Author(s):

  • Microsoft


powershell-core powershell pwsh admin

powershell-core (Install)

This is not the latest version of powershell-core (Install) available.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

6.0.4 | Updated: 11 Aug 2018



Downloads of v 6.0.4:



Software Author(s):

  • Microsoft

powershell-core (Install) 6.0.4

This is not the latest version of powershell-core (Install) available.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

This Package Contains an Exempted Check

Not All Tests Have Passed

Validation Testing Passed

Verification Testing Exemption:

Requires which requires a reboot after installation. This is required to have the install be successful on older systems.


Scan Testing Successful:

No detections found in any package files

Learn More

Deployment Method: Individual Install, Upgrade, & Uninstall

To install powershell-core (Install), run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


To upgrade powershell-core (Install), run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


To uninstall powershell-core (Install), run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:


Deployment Method:


This applies to both open source and commercial editions of Chocolatey.

1. Enter Your Internal Repository Url

(this should look similar to

2. Setup Your Environment

1. Ensure you are set for organizational deployment

Please see the organizational deployment guide

2. Get the package into your environment

  • Open Source or Commercial:
    • Proxy Repository - Create a proxy nuget repository on Nexus, Artifactory Pro, or a proxy Chocolatey repository on ProGet. Point your upstream to Packages cache on first access automatically. Make sure your choco clients are using your proxy repository as a source and NOT the default community repository. See source command for more information.
    • You can also just download the package and push it to a repository Download

3. Copy Your Script

choco upgrade powershell-core -y --source="'INTERNAL REPO URL'" --version="'6.0.4'" [other options]

See options you can pass to upgrade.

See best practices for scripting.

Add this to a PowerShell script or use a Batch script with tools and in places where you are calling directly to Chocolatey. If you are integrating, keep in mind enhanced exit codes.

If you do use a PowerShell script, use the following to ensure bad exit codes are shown as failures:

choco upgrade powershell-core -y --source="'INTERNAL REPO URL'" --version="'6.0.4'" 

Write-Verbose "Exit code was $exitCode"
$validExitCodes = @(0, 1605, 1614, 1641, 3010)
if ($validExitCodes -contains $exitCode) {
  Exit 0

Exit $exitCode

- name: Install powershell-core
    name: powershell-core
    version: '6.0.4'
    state: present

See docs at

chocolatey_package 'powershell-core' do
  action    :install
  source   'INTERNAL REPO URL'
  version  '6.0.4'

See docs at

cChocoPackageInstaller powershell-core
    Name     = "powershell-core"
    Version  = "6.0.4"
    Source   = "INTERNAL REPO URL"

Requires cChoco DSC Resource. See docs at

package { 'powershell-core':
  ensure   => '6.0.4',
  provider => 'chocolatey',
  source   => 'INTERNAL REPO URL',

Requires Puppet Chocolatey Provider module. See docs at

4. If applicable - Chocolatey configuration/installation

See infrastructure management matrix for Chocolatey configuration elements and examples.


Private CDN cached downloads available for licensed customers. Never experience 404 breakages again! Learn more...

Package Approved

This package was approved as a trusted package on 11 Aug 2018.


PowerShell Core is the open source multiplatform version of PowerShell

Preview releases are under the package id powershell-preview so that they can be safely installed and maintained side-by-side with the release versions on production systems.
Preview versions do not become the default powershell core edition on a system (unless they are the ONLY edition), if you have a preview version installed, access it via pwsh's '-pre' switch.

This package automatically does verbose MSI logging to %temp%(packagenameandversion).MsiInstall.log

Some helpful install options (any of them can be combined - delimited by space):

* Any MSI Properties the package responds to can be specified in the same way, even if not documented here.

Installs a right click context menu to start a PowerShell Core prompt for a specific folder.

Causes PowerShell Core to deliver logs to Windows Event logs.

Enable PS remoting during installation.

Do it all.

--packageparameters '"/CleanUpPath"'
Removes all powershell core paths before starting install. Cleans up old paths from old powershell core MSIs.


Verification is intended to assist the Chocolatey moderators and community
in verifying that this package's contents are trustworthy.

Retrieve the SHA256 value for the specific release MSI you will install from
this page:

Calculate the SHA256 on the file and compare.

The package also contains and performs the checksum even when it has the source
  Idempotently removes extra PowerShell Core paths from the machine, user and/or process environment scope with no reordering.

  Defaults to machine scope and leaving the last sorted path alone.
  Does not touch path if there is nothing to clean.
  Emits one simple log line about it's actions for each scope.

  Also accessible in the powershell-core Chocolatey package by using -params '"/CleanUpSystemPath"'

  Set of machine scopes to clean up.  Valid options are one or more of: Machine, User, Process.
  Default: machine

.PARAMETER RemoveAllOccurences
  By default the cleanup leaves the highest sorted PowerShell Core path alone.  
  This switch causes it to be cleaned up as well.
  Default: false

  Removes all PowerShell core paths but the very last one when sorted in ascending order from the Machine level path.
  Good for running on systems that already has at least one valid PowerShell install.

  .\Reset-PWSHSystemPath.ps1 -RemoveAllOccurences
  Removes ALL PowerShell core paths from the Machine level path.
  Good for running right before upgrading PowerShell core.
  .\Reset-PWSHSystemPath.ps1 -PathScope Machine, User, Process

  Removes all paths but the very last one when sorted in ascending order.
  Processes all path scopes including current process.
  .\Reset-PWSHSystemPath.ps1 -PathScope Machine, User, Process -RemoveAllOccurencs

  Removes all paths from all path scopes including current process.
param (
ForEach ($PathScopeItem in $PathScope)
  $AssembledNewPath = $NewPath = ''
  $pathstoremove = @([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("PATH","$PathScopeItem").split(';') | Where { $_ -ilike "*\Program Files\Powershell\6*"})
  If (!$RemoveAllOccurences) 
    $pathstoremove = @($pathstoremove | sort-object | Select-Object -skiplast 1)
  Write-Host "Reset-PWSHSystemPath: Found $($pathstoremove.count) paths to remove from $PathScopeItem path scope: $($Pathstoremove -join ', ' | out-string)"
  If ($pathstoremove.count -gt 0)
    foreach ($path in [Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("PATH","$PathScopeItem").split(';'))
      If ($Path)
        If ($pathstoremove -inotcontains "$Path")
          [string[]]$Newpath += "$path"
    $AssembledNewPath = ($newpath -join(';')).trimend(';')
    $AssembledNewPath -split ';'


PowerShell 6.0

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation

All rights reserved.

MIT License

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the ""Software""), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop';

$packageName= 'powershell-core'
$toolsDir   = "$(Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition)"
$Version = "6.0.4"
$InstallFolder = "$env:ProgramFiles\PowerShell\$Version"

If (Test-Path "$InstallFolder\pwsh.exe")
  Write-output "$packagename version $PFSubfolder is already installed by another means."
  Exit 0

$packageArgs = @{
  packageName   = $packageName
  unzipLocation = $toolsDir
  fileType      = 'MSI'
  url           = "$version/PowerShell-$version-win-x86.msi"
  url64bit      = "$version/PowerShell-$version-win-x64.msi"

  softwareName  = "PowerShell-6.0.*"

  checksum      = '7490D13D797E7E1398EFDCD1E5253611D419B672B45B94D8AA99F837ABC4899C'
  checksumType  = 'sha256'
  checksum64    = 'D511E8C409E0B67923B39741080BE3FD187EA1E600A0838FC8E2C2388976D4EC'
  checksumType64= 'sha256'

  silentArgs    = "/qn /norestart /l*v `"$($env:TEMP)\$($packageName).$($env:chocolateyPackageVersion).MsiInstall.log`"" # ALLUSERS=1 DISABLEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=1 ADDDESKTOPICON=0 ADDSTARTMENU=0
  validExitCodes= @(0, 3010, 1641)

$pp = Get-PackageParameters

if ($pp.CleanUpPath) {
  Write-Host "/CleanUpSystemPath was used, removing all PowerShell Core path entries before installing"
  & "$toolsDir\Reset-PWSHSystemPath.ps1" -PathScope Machine, User -RemoveAllOccurances

If ($PSVersionTable.PSVersion -ilike '6*')
  Write-Warning "You are running this package under PowerShell core, replacing an in-use version may be unpredictable or require multiple attempts."

Install-ChocolateyPackage @packageArgs

Write-Output "************************************************************************************"
Write-Output "*  INSTRUCTIONS: Your system default PowerShell version has not been changed."
Write-Output "*   PowerShell Core $version, was installed to: `"$installfolder`""
Write-Output "*   To start PowerShell Core $version, at a prompt or the start menu execute:"
Write-Output "*      `"pwsh.exe`""
Write-Output "*   Or start it from the desktop or start menu shortcut installed by this package."
Write-Output "************************************************************************************"

Write-Output "**************************************************************************************"
Write-Output "*  As of OpenSSH Universal Installer, a script is distributed that allows   *"
Write-Output "*  setting the default shell for openssh. You could call it with code like this:     *"
Write-Output "*    If (Test-Path `"$env:programfiles\openssh-win64\Set-SSHDefaultShell.ps1`")         *"
Write-Output "*      {& `"$env:programfiles\openssh-win64\Set-SSHDefaultShell.ps1`" [PARAMETERS]}     *"
Write-Output "*  Learn more with this:                                                             *"
Write-Output "*    Get-Help `"$env:programfiles\openssh-win64\Set-SSHDefaultShell.ps1`"               *"
Write-Output "*  Or here:                                                                          *"
Write-Output "*         *"
Write-Output "**************************************************************************************"

Log in or click on link to see number of positives.

In cases where actual malware is found, the packages are subject to removal. Software sometimes has false positives. Moderators do not necessarily validate the safety of the underlying software, only that a package retrieves software from the official distribution point and/or validate embedded software against official distribution point (where distribution rights allow redistribution).

Chocolatey Pro provides runtime protection from possible malware.

Add to Builder Version Downloads Last Updated Status
powershell-core (Install) 7.4.0-preview03 727 Friday, April 21, 2023 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.4.0-preview02 660 Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.4.0-preview01 1388 Wednesday, December 21, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.3.3 209413 Friday, February 24, 2023 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.3.2 126571 Wednesday, January 25, 2023 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.3.1 137819 Wednesday, December 14, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.3.0 115359 Thursday, November 10, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.3.0-rc1 221 Friday, October 28, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.11 463 Friday, April 14, 2023 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.10 446 Friday, February 24, 2023 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.9 373 Wednesday, January 25, 2023 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.8 526 Wednesday, December 14, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.7 65563 Friday, October 28, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.6 246588 Saturday, August 13, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.5 178422 Wednesday, June 22, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.4 125419 Wednesday, May 18, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.3 84535 Wednesday, April 27, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.2 141067 Thursday, March 17, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.1 229653 Wednesday, December 15, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 69645 Saturday, November 13, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0 56742 Friday, November 12, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-rc1 593 Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview9 739 Tuesday, September 28, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview8 1441 Friday, July 23, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview7 826 Friday, June 18, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview620210528 636 Friday, May 28, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview6 103 Friday, May 28, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview520210805 562 Saturday, May 8, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview5 485 Saturday, May 1, 2021 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview420210411 454 Sunday, April 11, 2021 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview4 83 Saturday, April 10, 2021 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 7.2.0-preview10 79 Wednesday, September 29, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.1.7 28 Friday, October 28, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.1.5 96313 Friday, October 15, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.1.4 153136 Friday, August 13, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 267042 Monday, March 15, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 412 Sunday, March 14, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.1.3 8549 Sunday, March 14, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.1.2 63279 Friday, February 12, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.1.1 59758 Saturday, January 16, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.1.0 102382 Friday, November 13, 2020 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.13 27 Friday, October 28, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.12 38 Friday, August 12, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.11 34 Wednesday, May 18, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.10 42 Wednesday, April 27, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.9 49 Thursday, March 17, 2022 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.8 170 Friday, October 15, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.7 93 Friday, August 13, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.6 323 Sunday, May 2, 2021 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.3 152884 Saturday, July 18, 2020 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.2 46170 Saturday, June 13, 2020 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.1 30850 Saturday, May 16, 2020 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7.0.0 45559 Thursday, March 5, 2020 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.2.4 23455 Wednesday, January 29, 2020 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.2.3 50895 Sunday, September 15, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.2.2 17318 Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7393 Thursday, July 4, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.2.1 16633 Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6692 Tuesday, April 9, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.2.0 3099 Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.2.0-rc1 356 Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.6 255 Sunday, September 15, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.5 208 Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.4 258 Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.3 4802 Saturday, February 23, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.2 4397 Thursday, January 17, 2019 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.1 6263 Friday, November 16, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7083 Friday, October 26, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.0 16010 Saturday, September 15, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.0-rc1 402 Wednesday, August 29, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.0-preview-3 533 Thursday, June 14, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.0-preview-2 453 Saturday, April 28, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.1.0-preview-1 465 Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.4 10518 Saturday, August 11, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 5238 Friday, July 27, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 7959 Wednesday, July 4, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.2 2822 Saturday, March 17, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.1 1717 Thursday, January 25, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0 767 Thursday, January 11, 2018 Approved
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-rc2 465 Friday, December 15, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-rc1 445 Sunday, November 19, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-beta9 439 Saturday, November 4, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-beta8 416 Saturday, November 4, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-beta7 354 Saturday, November 4, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-beta6 456 Thursday, August 31, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-beta5 387 Thursday, August 31, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-beta4 446 Monday, July 17, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-beta3 428 Thursday, June 22, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-beta1 461 Friday, May 12, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha18 437 Saturday, April 8, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha17 444 Saturday, March 11, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha16 420 Friday, February 17, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha15 482 Friday, January 27, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha14-20170105 435 Friday, January 6, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha14 429 Thursday, January 5, 2017 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha13 419 Friday, November 25, 2016 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha12-20161116 579 Thursday, November 17, 2016 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha12 417 Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Exempted
powershell-core (Install) 6.0.0-alpha11 451 Thursday, November 17, 2016 Exempted

Product Release Notes
Package release Notes:
- new utility script Reset-PWSHSystemPath.ps1 included to clean up old path entries
left by previous MSI installs. This problem should not occur going forward. To learn how to use this utility
directly use "get-help $env:chocolateyinstall\lib\powershell-core\tools\Reset-PWSHSystemPath.ps1"
- new chocolatey package switch to invoke path cleanup /CleanUpPath

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