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About Automatic Packaging and Credits

Automatic packaging is a process that package maintainers can run on their own to keep the packages they maintain up to date. It is not a required step for maintaining packages on the community feed (, but it is recommended you find a way to automate the delivery of packages to the community feed when there are updates if you are going to maintain more than 5 packages and you are not the software vendor for the packages you maintain.

NOTE: Not to be confused with the automatic package creation feature in Chocolatey for Business - that feature creates packages directly from software installer files. This feature is for package maintenance of existing packages on the community feed.

You can learn more about the AU updater via its documentation. It is a PowerShell module, so you are doing everything with PowerShell scripts. You can also run everything on AppVeyor so you are not required to schedule updater on your own machine.

AU is brought to you by a Chocolatey community member Miodrag Milic and it is becoming more awesome all the time.



  1. Fork chocolatey-packages-template and rename it to something like chocolatey-packages (on GitHub - go into Settings, Repository name and rename).
  2. Clone the repo locally.
  3. Head into the setup folder and look for au_setup.ps1. Review that file and then run it.
  4. Follow the README in the setup folder.

When creating packages, do not use --auto as AU doesn't use token replacement for updating packages, it replaces the xml elements and code directly.

Everything Related to AU

AU maintains its own documentation at documentation.

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